Two Doylestown Fleece Sweatshirts, one blue and one pink, worn by two young adult women.
Teal graphic Peace Valley Park t-shirt worn by a young adult male doing a kickflip on a skateboard.
Two Wissahickon long sleeve t-shirts, one black and one purple, worn by one young adult male and one young adult woman. They are walking down an alley, showing off the Wissahickon pink and green graphic on the back of their shirts.
Two Wissahickon sweatshirts, one slate blue and one moss green, worn by two young adult women.


This idea is present in all of our Brick and Mortar stores in the passion and products we bring to you! We carry merchandise designed for everyone of all ages. Happen to come across our store? Well, that's Serendipity.

Show Love For Your Town

Grey and cream Philly sweatshirts with the liberty bell worn by two young adult women. In the middle of the two women, there is another young adult woman wearing a dark blue Philadelphia sweatshirt.

Philadelphia, PA

Find the best of your local Philadelphia town merchandise. Including Eagles, 76'ers, Flyers, and Phillies wears.

Two young adult mean sitting on a bench, one is wearing a dark grey lightweight Doylestown hoodie while the other is wearing a light grey peace valley park hoodie.

Doylestown, PA

Looking to show your love for Doylestown? You have come to the right place to find the best Doylestown merchandise.

Crisp & Co. dill pickles, pint pickles, and ginger pickles displayed next to each other in front of a window.
Three Doylestown labeled candles, with clear glass and black tops.

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