Duke Cannon Proper Cologne

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Scent: Gunnison
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When it comes to finding his signature scent, a fellow shouldn't have to spend his valuable time at a mall kiosk.

Inspired by nature, Proper Cologne™ is made with a blend of naturally derived essential oils and synthetic fragrance, crafted in small batches, and housed in a modern apothecary-style bottle. A subtle scent enhancer to be discovered, not announced.

  • Size: 1.7 fl. oz.
  • Type: Eau de parfum (that means highest-quality fragrance)


Sawtooth is a woodsy blend of fresh air, dense cedar, & raw amber. Smells like exploring the open skies above densely forested terrain. Does not smell like hiking up the steps of a parking garage in El Paso.

  • Profile: Woodsy, light, bright, and airy
  • Key Scent Components: Aromatic, Cedar, Amber 

Lincoln is a fresh, yet nostalgic, scent that blends notes of leather and oakmoss with a hint of mandarin. Smells like sitting in a well-worn, tufted leather chair at the local barber shop, not a ripped fabric couch in the basement of a fraternity house.

  • Profile: Marine green camp that is fresh, yet somehow nostalgic
  • Key Scent Components: Leather, Oakmoss, Mandarin

Gunnison is a modern, light, and bright scent that blends oceanic notes with hints of lavender and amber musk. Smells like enjoying the lush, dynamic crispness of the great outdoors, not the foul, stagnant staleness of the indoors at a WINZ office.

  • Profile: Marine green, modern, light, and bright
  • Key Scent Components: Oceanic, Lavender, Musk