Give Back


As a way of giving back to our community, we will now be donating to a different organization each quarter! We will choose a popular product from each location and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local organization/ charity. 



For two quarters (1/24-6/24), we will be donating to... 

The Sunshine Foundation

10% of every purchase of the Doylestown Block Letter Campbell Crewneck will be donated to the organization at the end of the quarter!




This quarter (4/24-6/24), we will be donating to... 

Sharing Excess (Philadelphia) 

10% of every purchase of the Philly Arcade Font Campbell Crew will be donated to the organization at the end of the quarter! 



The Sunshine Foundation (Bucks County)

The Sunshine Foundation is a Non-profit organization in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The foundation answers the dreams of children, ages three through eighteen, who have severe or profound physical/developmental/intellectual challenges or trauma from physical/sexual abuse, and whose families have limited income. Over 80% of all expenses of the Sunshine Foundation go directly towards granting the dreams of children served by their programs. They have answered more than 41,500 dreams for children since 1976.

Sunshine Foundation’s special dreams can be anything from a family trip, a shopping spree, or adaptive medical or therapeutic equipment! Their dreamers have requested and received items such as above-ground swimming pools, outdoor play equipment, sensory rooms, and many other amazing dream items.

 Sunshine Foundation – See What A Dream Can Do…


Sharing Excess (Philadelphia)

The non-profit organization, Sharing Excess, “rescues” food from wholesalers, farmers, and retailers that would have been thrown out, and brings them to food banks, community organizations, and mutual aid. Working with both food businesses and food banks, Sharing Excess acts as the agile middle-player who is solely dedicated to reducing food waste and increasing food access. Sharing Excess aims to revolutionize food sharing by solving the logistical barriers of rescue and redistribution. To make it easy for any business to donate fresh food on a regular basis, they cover transportation, coordination, delivery and everything in between.

100% of our donation will go directly towards funding the rescue and redistribution of food. Their operating expenses are covered by grants and private donors so that direct donation can make as much direct impact as possible. $1 donated = 20 pounds of food rescued & delivered. $100 allows them to feed 1600 people! Over 31 millions pounds of food has been rescued since 2018. 

About | Sharing Excess


TOTAL DONATED TO DATE (Given to the Below Organizations): $2,500

- The Bethesda Project 

- The Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter

- Red Creek Wildlife Center

- The Peace Valley Nature Center 

- Our Mother of Consolidation School 

- A Woman's Place 

- Chestnut Hills Meals on Wheals

     ** Cradles to Crayons (Philadelphia) was our last quarter (1/24-3/24) organization and have not yet been added in the total. The donation will be added up and given to the organizations by the end of April!